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Reverend Balthazer Johannes Stuyvesant

Reverend Balthazer Johannes Stuyvesant

Balthazer Stuyvesant, my 10G grandfather, was born about 1573 in Scherpenzeel, Friesland, Netherlands. He died in Delfzyl, Gronigen, Netherlands, 26 May 1637. He married first Margaretha Hardenstein, the widow of the Reverend Petrus Monches, minister at Parrega, at sometime after 18 April 1607 at Zwolle, Netherlands.

Balthazer was minister at Perrega in 1609; Scherpenzeel, Friesland, 1619; Berlikum, 1622; and Delfzyl 1634-1637.

Balthazer married second Stijntje Pieters from Haarlem, the widow of Adrien Gerretz.

On 11 October 1635 in the Amsterdam Chamber of the Dutch West India Company, Balthazer requested that his son by Margaretha Hardenstein, Peter Stuyvesant, traveling to Pernambuco might be advanced to whatever position he may be able to fill.

Account of Reverend Balthazer Stuyvesant for his Passage to CuraƧao
April 17, 1665

Children of Balthazer Stuyvesant and Margaretha Hardenstein were Peter Stuyvesant who married Judith Bayard and Anna Stuyvesant who married Samuel Bayard.

Judith Bayard Stuyvesant

Children of Balthazer Stuyvesant and Stijntje Pieters were Margaretha Stuyvesant who was bornabout 1628 Berlikum and who married Claes Jacobus Backer after 30 October 1655 in the Dutch Reform Church in New York City; Catharina Stuyvesant who was born about 1629 in Berlikum; and Balthazer Stuyvesant.

Balthazer Stuyvesant was the 3G grandfather of John Jay, one of the Founding Fathers and the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was also the second governor of the State of New York. He was the 8G grandfather of Eleanor Roosevelt.

John Jay 

Eleanor Roosevelt

Descent from Balthazer Stuyvesant and Stijntje Pieters

10G Balthazer Stuyvesant & Stijntje Pieters

9G Claes Jacobus Backer & Margaretha Stuyvesant

8G Nicholas Backer & Catherine Croesen

7G Pieter Haughwout & Neeltje Backer

6G Johannes Braisted & Trientju Haughwout

5G Egbert Braisted & Rachel Bodine

4G John Braisted & Anna Nautchie Martling

3G Garrett Braisted & Gertrude Vroom

2G John Abyathis Langdon & Ann Louise Braisted

GG Charles David Langdon & Theresa C. White

G Edward Joseph Phillip Fox Langdon & Ellen Agnicius Rockett

Jules Rockstein & Theresa Margaret Langdon

Edward David Rockstein

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